Work from anywhere with a secure plug & play remote IT infrastructure

July 31, 2020 - 3 min read


Work from home is becoming synchronous with the modern era as the flexible style of remote working is quickly becoming more popular. In fact, businesses that enable their employees to work from home, through a remote IT infrastructure, generally experience 25% less employee turnover. Business Data Integrator offers a secure plug & play platform and a reliable IT infrastructure to help you efficiently transition towards remote working. Our system allows secure files transfer and protection of data while improving productivity through efficient Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services. Based in Mauritius, we provide multi-jurisdiction companies – including Swiss banks requiring high-tech services – with tailored mobility solutions that aims to enable their employees to work remotely, within a remote IT infrastructure, with ease. We also provide tailored managed IT services and solutions, and we aim to ensure the security and integrity of your data through a strong Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan.

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Work from home with a simplified remote IT infrastructure

The implementation of a reliable plug and play IT platform enables employees to work within a secured IT infrastructure, whether it is from home, at your clients’ offices, at your premises or anywhere in the world. Many companies around the globe, including in Mauritius, use integrated systems (such as cloud services) that allow employees to work from home, and Business Data Integrator service such companies.

Most platforms or devices ensure IT security and require minimal configuration. The employee can therefore carry out his professional activity almost instantly. The system connects directly to the employee’s digital work environment, with access to all his/her files and documents. The location where the employee is does not make any difference, as long as a secure and reliable internet connection is available.

Working through a remote IT infrastructure comes with many advantages, including:

  • Telecommuting employees are 20% to 25% more productive than their office counterparts (Skillscouter);
  • Improvement of employees’ health and wellness;
  • Less commuting and flexible hours; and
  • Reduced overhead costs.


Plug and play IT platforms

Plug and play IT platforms (usually management platforms) are scalable and ensure security. They allow businesses to organise cloud-hosted desktops and applications to end users. Various companies also implement mobile plug-and-play (cloud services platforms), which abide by rigorous security and stability requirements. Through its IT outsourcing services, Business Data Integrator can provide you with platforms and software applications, as well as Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services, to make remote working easier. The advantages of having a reliable plug and play IT platform include:

  • Working remotely from your device (personal computer or laptop);
  • Ensuring encrypted access to documents, secure transfer of files and data, and improved productivity;
  • Responsiveness to organisational and human capital needs;
  • Reducing cybersecurity concerns;
  • Reducing overall cost of service by leveraging turnkey solutions;
  • Fewer bugs and network fixes; and
  • Smooth integration process.


Work from home: more secured with a reliable plug and play IT infrastructure

While a reliable plug and play IT Infrastructure makes remote working more collaborative, its security is of utmost importance. Advancement in technology has brought hackers, and cybersecurity in the 21st century is primordial; no business, company and country is safe from hackers.

According to Sonic Wall, more than 150 million ransomware attacks happened in the first nine months of 2019. Furthermore, according to a research done by the University of Maryland, hackers are now attacking computers and networks at a rate of one attack every 39 seconds. Therefore, spam and other malware may increase if employees work from home, particularly if employees use their personal emails – a study conducted by Symantec shows that such employees might be more at risk of spamming. Hence, the need to work within a secure and encrypted IT environment.

Business Data Integrator has a team of 15 Swiss and Mauritian specialists. Our Swiss infrastructure and system ease our way of operating, allowing us to provide you with tailored and quality services. Our goal is to allow you to free yourself from the physical constraints. Through integrated Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services, we take care of your IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your core objectives.


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