We provide you with IT infrastructure and maintenance services to create or transform your IT infrastructure, increasing your efficiency, enabling you to achieve your strategic goals.


Administration of information systems and networks

We take care of the implementation and administration of information systems in a highly secure environment. We rigorously monitor and maintain the IT infrastructure, software and security settings of our clients.

Our primary objective is to provide tailored IT infrastructure services that preserve the integrity and reliability of your IT infrastructure. In addition to assisting with the development of a Disaster Recovery Plan, our services are designed to enable our clients to continue to serve their customers, despite adverse circumstances.



A company is at risk if it does not use a hosting provider with strict security parameters. In the event of hacking and disclosure of sensitive data, the company risks tarnishing its image, could face legal proceedings, and could even see its economic situation weaken and lead to the company’s closure.

We use hosting providers that comply with international standards. In addition, to ensure continuity of your operations in the event of data loss due to mishandling, we maintain replicas in other equally reliable and secure data centres on two different continents. Copies of the data are encrypted during transfer, using access only available through state-of-the-art software.



A process regularly used to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of business IT operations, virtualisation involves creating one or more virtual machines from a physical machine and relying only on the resources of a single computer system.

With the advent of Covid, companies are looking to virtualise and streamline their IT infrastructure. Companies must therefore adapt their architectures to take advantage of the benefits of virtualisation.

Virtualisation therefore allows for an agile and scalable IT infrastructure, reducing operating costs and encouraging IT mobility. The benefits of virtualisation are:

  • greater mobility ;
  • increased performance and availability of resources;
  • automated, non-disruptive operations; and
  • simplified management of the IT infrastructure.

With virtualisation, each user’s work environment can be accessed remotely (from the office or from home) through their user ID and password, and from any device. Workloads are moved from PCs and other devices to servers in the data centre, and the user has access to their applications, folders, and documents in a managed and secure virtual workspace. Although working on a PC, the user’s documents and files are backed up directly to servers and storage in the data centre, not to the hard drive of the user’s device.


Security and authentication

Two of the main factors of security are identification and authentication. The first one allows to identify the user (unique identifier) who tries to access the applications or the server. The second is to confirm the identity of the user, in particular through a password that only the user knows.

We create unique profiles for each user and grant them access to the necessary applications and folders, depending on their needs. We monitor virtual desktops and applications, as well as those of our clients, to prevent hacking and preserve the integrity of their systems and IT infrastructure. In addition, access to our servers and those of our clients is only possible by authorised persons.


Video conferencing

We can help you set up a secure and encrypted video conferencing system that complies with international standards for your exchanges with your employees or contacts outside your company. To date :

  • 80% of executives say that the use of video for internal communications is becoming the norm;
  • 84% say the same for external meetings;
  • the number of people using video conferencing as a means of communication has increased by 87% over the last 2 years;
  • 75% of people working remotely see an increase in productivity and a better work/life balance;
  • 64% of companies have installed videoconferencing in small meeting rooms.


Voice over IP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection, instead of a regular (or analogue) telephone line.

Some VoIP services offer features and services that may not be available with a traditional telephone, otherwise at extra cost. With this system, you can avoid paying for both a broadband connection and a traditional phone line.

For businesses, this system has several advantages:

  • simple installation;
  • easily scalable;
  • lower telecommunication costs;
  • better call quality;
  • flexibility;
  • reliability; and
  • mobility.


Cloud services

Our agile Cloud services allow you to focus on your core business and support your company’s growth. We are here to accompany you in your digital transformation process, enabling you to remain competitive in your business in a rapidly changing world.


Our development teams develop applications and software tailored to the requirements of your business, as well as websites, using the latest technologies to comply with the various search engines.

IT infrastructure services

We provide you with IT infrastructure and maintenance services to create or transform your IT infrastructure, increasing your efficiency, enabling you to achieve your strategic goals.

Data integration

With our knowledge of software parameterisation, we manage, integrate, format and transform data flows. Data integration is essential for companies that want to improve their strategic decision-making and increase their competitive advantage.