In operation for over 30 years, our in-depth understanding of legal and fiscal constraints has enabled us to develop tailor-made services to meet the requirements of institutional investors of all sizes. Our clients and specialists work together to define and implement a reliable and efficient investment strategy.

Institutional Management, a service offered by Pleion SA

Our expertise and strengths

  • The management of our Pension Fund which allows us to stay up to date with changes in the legal environment, and more than 30 years’ experience attending to the financial and administrative needs of pension funds and also acting as discretionary managers
  • A structured investment policy that can adapt to the specific needs of pension funds
  • TopInvest, a long-standing and proven management tool in constant evolution, dedicated to the monitoring and management of large pension funds


Our target clients

  • Small-sized pension funds, family or charitable foundations, companies with strong cash positions, or any type of non-corporate body constrained by the obligation to follow an index reference or benchmark-based management and who work only on the basis of a contractual remuneration
  • Entrepreneurs, professionals, independent workers…having invested all their energy and savings in their enterprise and who have not planned for their retirement or who look for tax optimisation

Cloud services

Our agile Cloud services allow you to focus on your core business and support your company’s growth. We are here to accompany you in your digital transformation process, enabling you to remain competitive in your business in a rapidly changing world.



Our development teams develop applications and software tailored to the requirements of your business, as well as websites, using the latest technologies to comply with the various search engines.

IT infrastructure services

We provide you with IT infrastructure and maintenance services to create or transform your IT infrastructure, increasing your efficiency, enabling you to achieve your strategic goals.

Data integration

With our knowledge of software parameterisation, we manage, integrate, format and transform data flows. Data integration is essential for companies that want to improve their strategic decision-making and increase their competitive advantage.