After several years in the development of IT solutions for wealth managers, we have extended our expertise to other industries.

2016 – With the ambition to export our experience and expertise internationally, the company Business Data Integrator Ltd sets foot in Mauritius.

2009 – Banking Data Integrator changes name and becomes Business Data Integrator, and highlights our determination to open up to different sectors of the economy.

2004 – Creation of Banking Data Integrator, specialising in the development of IT services and solutions for wealth managers.

Cloud services

Our agile Cloud services allow you to focus on your core business and support your company’s growth. We are here to accompany you in your digital transformation process, enabling you to remain competitive in your business in a rapidly changing world.


Our development teams develop applications and software tailored to the requirements of your business, as well as websites, using the latest technologies to comply with the various search engines.

IT infrastructure services

We provide you with IT infrastructure and maintenance services to create or transform your IT infrastructure, increasing your efficiency, enabling you to achieve your strategic goals.

Data integration

With our knowledge of software parameterisation, we manage, integrate, format and transform data flows. Data integration is essential for companies that want to improve their strategic decision-making and increase their competitive advantage.