Data security & disaster recovery solutions in Mauritius, by Business Data Integrator

July 31, 2020 - 3 min read


Disaster recovery is linked to business continuity: it is a plan, set up by a company, in case there is a catastrophe or natural disasters. Data security is the mechanism of protecting information (data protection) from unauthorised access and data corruption throughout its lifespan; hence the importance of disaster recovery solutions.

Business Data Integrator is an innovation-driven company specialising in the editing and publication of IT solutions, established in Mauritius. We provide expert IT services, especially used by Swiss banks, to companies in several jurisdictions. With over 14 years’ of experience in the field of Information Technology, we offer managed IT services and solutions tailored to your requirements and objectives. They aim to ensure the security and integrity of your data through tailored business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

For storage of data in a Mauritius data centre, Business Data Integrator services include:

  • End-to-end encryption;
  • Server and infrastructure compliant with security norms;
  • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and disaster recovery solutions to minimise recovery time;
  • Full control of your information in accordance with Data Protection regulations;
  • Data tracking (knowing where data is and who has access to the data);
  • Control over infrastructure and data;
  • Integrated applications for better productivity and collaboration; and
  • Work securely both at home and at the office.

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Importance of data security and disaster recovery solutions

Disaster recovery is another vital component for a company, especially when it comes to business continuity. “Disasters” (natural disaster, system failure, human error, hacking or cyberattacks) can cause important and confidential data to be lost and irretrievable without a proper strategy or plan. It is found that 48% of data security breaches are the result of acts of malicious intent; and that after critical data loss, a business’ probability of failure increases by 90% within the two following years (Coordinated Business Systems).

Data protection and disaster recovery are crucial for a business; they go hand in hand and are important to the longevity, survival (by ensuring a short recovery time) and efficiency of a business. Failure to consider these will eventually lead businesses to facing significant challenges. Business Data Integrator helps companies to put in place an IT ecosystem in line with their requirements to help them prevent data breaches and enhance their processes through a bespoke Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution.


The need for IT support

81% of companies surveyed highlight that IT failure happens after initial incidents. Therefore, a regular monitoring is necessary; hence, the need for IT support. The main qualities that many businesses look for are responsiveness and expertise – a highly competent IT team supports a company’s business plan. The benefits of having an IT support team, like Business Data Integrator, to accompany you in setting up your systems include:

  • Reduced security risks;
  • Assistance in backing up data (test back-up sets to ensure data recovery);
  • Limiting compliance risks;
  • Flexibility and scalability to expand technology;
  • Managing technology change effectively;
  • Ensuring proper monitoring and maintenance;
  • Data storage in reliable and secure data centres;
  • Decreasing costs of IT asset ownership;
  • Supporting in disaster recovery and business continuity planning; and
  • Focusing on your own business.


The lifespan of technology

Many companies experience technical complexities with the technology they use. At times, data that are stored on a personal computer at the office, even though protected, might still fall prey to malicious acts. To avoid loss of data through deterioration of office equipment, hardware components and software applications should be regularly updated, and security enhanced at proper life cycles. Secure and reliable data centres and back-up devices should be installed, and businesses should make sure that it is maintained frequently.

As a trusted services provider, Business Data Integrator (BDI) provides Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) through its SaaS solution, allowing you to regain access to your IT infrastructure and ensure its functionality after a disaster.

BDI also provides managed business IT solutions that aim to allow you to focus on your core objectives. Our expertise comes from our Swiss origins and our strong network of international partners. Our team of professionals from Switzerland and Mauritius have the skills and capabilities to accompany you with your data protection initiatives and develop an appropriate Disaster Recovery Plan.


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