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Cloud services

Our agile Cloud services allow you to focus on your core business and support your company’s growth. We are here to accompany you in your digital transformation process, enabling you to remain competitive in your business in a rapidly changing world.

We build scalable, secure, mobile, plug-and-play cloud platforms according to our customers’ needs. With our Cloud services, you benefit from a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, hosted locally in Switzerland or Mauritius, managed and maintained by our teams and without intermediaries. They are designed to meet the highest standards of security and stability. The aim is to allow you to free yourself from the physical constraints, costs, and administration of your servers.

With our Cloud services, your resources, software, calls, and data can be accessed securely, anywhere and anytime with a simple Internet connection.



Our Cloud packages


Software as a Service

SaaS – A complete and secure ecosystem that includes your business software, email, and storage space to ensure that you can work with confidence.



Platform as a Service

PaaS – Develop business applications and services on a platform that we manage and maintain.



Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS – Our IT resources are available in a virtual environment, protected and monitored according to your requirements.


The benefits of our Cloud services


Our Cloud services are scalable to suit your needs and can support the growth of your business, regardless of the number of sites.



Our solutions are developed and designed with mobility in mind. They allow you to work anywhere and anytime, by retrieving your data on any device.



No significant investments required. Operating costs are monitored since our solutions are invoiced monthly.



Storage capacity can be scaled based on your requirements. We manage the backups, as well as their retention period, in line with the regulatory requirements your company should abide by.



We maintain, monitor and regularly update our infrastructure. Furthermore, we are your single point of contact whenever you require assistance.



Our servers are redundant and hosted in secure data centres that meet the highest industry standards. Our infrastructure consists of multiple layers of physical and software security.



Your employees can work on projects and easily share documents between themselves, while keeping in touch with your customers through VoIP.



We can also provide reports on internet and email usage, upon request.