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Work from anywhere with a secure plug & play remote IT infrastructure

Work from home is becoming synchronous with the modern era as the flexible style of remote working is quickly becoming more popular. In fact, businesses that enable their employees to work from home, through a remote IT infrastructure, generally experience 25% less employee turnover. Business Data Integrator offers a secure plug & play platform and […]

Business IT Solutions in Mauritius by Swiss company Business Data Integrator

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, technology allows companies to operate as usual. Today, most companies need business IT solutions to stay competitive. Business Data Integrator (BDI) has more than 14 years of expertise in the field of Information Technology. BDI originates from Switzerland and has been in Mauritius since 2016, providing business IT […]

Data security & disaster recovery solutions in Mauritius, by Business Data Integrator

Disaster recovery is linked to business continuity: it is a plan, set up by a company, in case there is a catastrophe or natural disasters. Data security is the mechanism of protecting information (data protection) from unauthorised access and data corruption throughout its lifespan; hence the importance of disaster recovery solutions. Business Data Integrator is […]